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The Regenerative Medicine techniques that we use are based on the most advanced methods for treatment using autologous regenerative cells. All their treatments are patient-specific are oriented to tisular regeneration and/or angiogenesis.

Our regenerative therapy is based on the ultimate advances of science; regenerative cells obtained by bone marrow aspiration are placed in the affected territory and they have as goal to stop the pathological process favoring tisular regeneration and repairing the damaged organ.

Our treatment, currently developed at the most prestigious medical centers of the world, has shown to be highly effective for the heart as for other organs.

We carry out an accurate diagnosis obtaining a detailed clinical history, laboratory exams, base electrocardiogram, echocardiogram and nuclear medicine to evaluate the territory or affected territories and according to the result, following implantation of their own regenerative cells in the affected territory or wherever it is needed.

We carry out a therapeutic work signed by excellence, the obtained results and favorable response of patients assisted by our staff, should not only be attributed to the highest professional level but to the spirit that guides them: the recovering of health is fundamental to count on a kind environment. The people that integrate the regenerative therapy assume the responsibility of contributing to achieve it.


People affected by heart strokes, and that suffer from heart failure, angina pectoris and also the waiting for a transplant that does not come, can now find in the revolutionary treatment with regenerative cells, a great possibility of substantially recovering their quality of life lost by illnesses that they suffer. With time, the benefits of these cells, known also as autologous cells, have extended also to patients with cirrhosis that are waiting for a liver transplant, to those who had suffered of brain strokes and , similarly, it has been proven that they reduce with efficiency the degenerative consequences of chronic diseases such as diabetes, Parkinson and Alzheimer.

The ambulatory procedure consists of the use of adult regenerative cells taken out from the same patient, which permits in an extraordinary way the regeneration of damaged tissues and organs, and with it, the overcoming of certain limitations that generally do not give in to the conventional medical treatment.

This therapy constitutes like this a valuable alternative for those who require the transplant of an organ like the heart or the liver, because they do not have to depend on the donation of these with the frustration that tends to entail this waiting to counteract their health problem. More years of life and a better life quality is what can be achieved thanks to the treatment with regenerative cells.

The future, today

The adult regenerative cells are cells present in tissues and adult organs that possess the capability of regeneration and differentiation to give place to adult cells of the tissue that they are part of. Until now, approximately 20 different types of regenerative cells are known in an adult person, which are in charge of regenerate tissues in continuous debilitation like the skin or blood, or damaged, like the liver, the brain or the heart.

This regenerative cellular therapy implies the extraction of regenerative cells from the hip of the patient, which takes place with the application of only local anesthesia. It is a non invasive method that lasts between 10 and 20 minutes, where the blood goes through a centrifuge pump with the aim of separating the valuable cells before being reintegrated to the patient’s organism.

Then, also with local anesthesia, the physician injects the extracted regenerative cells, in the circulation of the affected organ, in a period of time of about 20 minutes. “It could be in the heart, brain, lungs, pancreas, liver of damaged tissues”, says Dr. Jorge Tuma, interventionist cardiologist and specialist in regenerative medicine, pioneer in this kind of treatment that is also developed successfully in Peru. With this transplant of stem cells- emphasizes the doctor that has already applied this therapy with surprising success to more than 1,200 patients–, 90% of the cases in which a new heart or liver was urgently required to live and went through this procedure, will not required it.

Starting again

Without doubt, a medical advance of great importance. Nevertheless, it should be considered that this does not represent per se the cure of this illness, but the opportunity of offering the patient a life with better disposition of his faculties. Under this consideration, a diabetic patient will not stop being diabetic, but could significantly reduce the use of insulin that he requires regularly and even could stop using it.

For its reaches, each time more people that constitute cases of brain stroke, brain hemorrhage, heart failure, diabetes, emphysema, Alzheimer, Parkinson, or liver cirrhosis –caused by alcoholism or fatty liver, choose this wonder of modern medical science, useful for the treatment of different pathologies. It is a simple and painless procedure that lasts an average of between 12 and 24 hours of hospitalization, time enough for the inhalation and implantation of the necessary regenerative cells.

Positively, for more than a decade, cellular therapy has been giving very good results and demonstrating with that, that regeneration of the organism is possible. The achievements and the favorable forecast in the long term of the favored patients have been consolidating this treatment as the most effective solution, when the hope of improvement through traditional methods has been exhausted.